Geospatial Solutions

Cercana provides comprehensive geospatial solutions to clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. We use commercial and open-source technologies and advanced analytical techniques to deliver accurate and actionable insights from geographic information. Our services include mapping and data visualization, geolocation and geocoding, satellite and aerial imagery analysis, GPS tracking and fleet management, application development, and spatial data engineering. Whether you need to optimize logistics, improve decision-making, or gain a competitive advantage, Cercana can help you achieve your goals.

  •     Spatial data management
  •     Spatial analysis
  •     Cartography and data visualization
  •     Network analysis and routing
  •     Location enrichment and enablement

Data Engineering and Governance

Cercana offers data engineering services that can help you make data-driven decisions and insights. We design, build, and maintain scalable and efficient data pipelines using techniques such as ETL/ELT, stream/event processing, or change data detection. We can also implement data virtualization/federation strategies to minimize the need for data shipping, especially where data residency restrictions apply. We work closely with you to understand your unique data needs and challenges, and provide ongoing support and maintenance to your data infrastructure.

  • Data integration
  • Data warehousing
  • Real-time data processing
  • Data governance, security, and compliance
  • Data pipeline design, build and maintenance
  • Data modeling and architecture design
  • Quality assurance and data cleaning
  • Cloud data engineering and migration

Fractional Chief Information Officer/Chief Data Officer

The cybersecurity and privacy landscape is changing rapidly. New privacy regulations and security frameworks apply to an increasing number of small and medium sized organizations. Achieving and maintaining compliance is crucial for reducing risk and building trust with customers and stakeholders. If your organization is not at a stage where it is ready for a full-time CIO or CDO, a fractional leader is a good option to align your technology portfolio and practices or your data governance with applicable security and privacy frameworks and ensure that your technology and data strategy are ready for scale.

  • IT portfolio rationalization
  • Security framework analysis and optimization
  • Development of IT policies and procedures
  • Design of verification and validation processes
  • Data residency segmentation
  • Data anonymization
  • Implementation of data analytics and business intelligence
  • Digital transformation
  • Vendor management

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