Do You Need a Data Pipeline?

Do you need a data pipeline? That depends on a few things. Does your organization see data as an input into its key decisions? Is data a product? Do you deal with large volumes of data or data from disparate sources? Depending on the answers to these and other questions, you may be looking at the need for a data pipeline. But what is a data pipeline and what are the considerations for implementing one, especially if your organization deals heavily with geospatial data? This post will examine those issues.

A data pipeline is a set of actions that extract, transform, and load data from one system to another. A data pipeline may be set up to run on a specific schedule (e.g., every night at midnight), or it might be event-driven, running in response to specific triggers or actions. Data pipelines are critical to data-driven organizations, as key information may need to be synthesized from various systems or sources. A data pipeline automates accepted processes, enabling data to be efficiently and reliably moved and transformed for analysis and decision-making.

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